From the web – Feb 26th

The license plates are starting to turn green here in town, and that means it is almost spring! As such, the Colorado Plateau is on my mind a  bit…

Cacti that are over 200 years old and have sacred significance have been chopped down

Acting BLM Director William Perry Pendley stands in the mostly empty suite of offices at the agency’s new planned headquarters in Grand Junction, Colo.
Kirk Siegler/NPR

  • A fantastic short video about “The story of the 1938 conquest of the Colorado River by ‘Buzz’ Holmstron – joined by Amos Burg and Willis Johnson – who was the first man ever to navigate the river alone in a boat.”

File photo of the abandoned bus where Christopher McCandless starved to death in 1992 near Healy, Alaska.  Jillian Rogers, AP

(Al Hartmann | Tribune file photo)


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