Fremont Indian State Park

Joan and I continue to enjoy our volunteer site stewardship at Fremont Indian State Park and Museum.

As “feet on the ground,” we assist in surveying the sites, the occasional outreach, and making notes of anything that should get brought to the park’s attention.

And as we continue to survey the sites, we take advantage of our time up there and spend walking the trails, checking out other sites, and immersing ourselves more into this park that bridges the lands between the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin along ancient travel corridors.

The Ute, Paiute, and Fremont all left their marks on this area,

We connected the shorter and relatively longer trails to create some fuller days of hiking and still have more we’d like to see. These walks allow us to see the areas at a more leisurely pace vs. driving.

The Indian Blanket. More info.

We also notice images not necessarily noted in park literature.

And the rock images make the park’s main draw; the scenery makes some memorable strolls where you’ll see few people.

With the early nights and colder weather and initially introducing friends to the park, Joan and I indulged with two nights in a camper cabin.

PCO Joan

Electric, heat, lights, and heated bathrooms nearby make a luxurious experience vs. our typical cold weather camps.

Our handy camp table and water jug made for an extra form of convenience. And yes, that’s a microwave. You can only use camp stoves outside.

Spacious for two adults, we quite enjoyed the experience.

I feel we’ll make use of these cabins again for a planned visit in February and maybe some friends can join us!

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1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this information. I was looking for pictures of the inside of the cabin. It is very helpful. By any chance did you come back in the winter? How was it staying in the cabin in the winter? Was it warm with the heater? I believe they have restrooms with running water? Thanks again for sharing this!