Forest Lakes Meadow – Last ski of the season?

A quick ski trip to a beautiful meadow below Forest Lakes

In what may have been the last ski trip of the season, d-low and I skied in weather that was finally winter like. The snow was fresh, powdery and deep.  The weather was cold.  And the scenery was fantastic.

An early start at the historic Moffat Tunnel let us have the area mainly to our selves for the ski up.


The fresh snow among the tress in the single track had reminded us of the winter that we should have had rather than the spring snow normally expected.

We arrived to our destination, skied up a little bit to make some quick runs and enjoyed the views from the meadow.

After a quick ski back, we started loading up our gear and saw the train come from under the divide and through the Moffat Tunnel.

If it is indeed the last ski of the season, at least it will be a memorable one. 🙂



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