First Week in Moab

The first week in Moab or so had me taking care of some TO DO items:

  • I’m still waiting for the internet to be hooked up (sigh).
  • I registered a domain name, my business with the state of Utah, and opened a small business bank account.
  • And I am getting the last of my “stuff” back in the Front Range very soon.

But more than that, it means exploring my new home a bit.

A local hike to stretch the legs and take a break for unpacking and setting up what we kiddingly call The Homestead.


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A #hike ten minutes from the homestead. …. …. …. #hiking #moab #utah #rockart #petroglyphs #coloradoplateau #canyons

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I am still astounded at how close everything is around here without the need to face many traffic, parking, and crowd issues compared to my previous home.

And this past weekend? We explored the La Sals with its changing aspens, a mother bear and two cubs spotted, tundra walks perfect for off-trail meandering, and with trailhead less than thirty minutes away from The Homestead.

Other than the Whole Enchilada mountain bike ride starting from Burro Pass, the La Sals are lightly used overall.

Since we are both comfortable with off-trail hiking, we had the tundra delights to ourselves. And some easy off-trail bushwhacking took us away from the mountain bike paths.

We hiked the mountains and saw less than a dozen people over the weekend.

I am making some sacrifices to live out here in some ways.

But when I can drive thirty minutes away and experience some Fall splendor with a partner who appreciates the same, I know in my gut that I chose wisely.

Once everything is settled here within the coming week, or so, I am looking forward to exploring more of the mountains, canyons, along with hidden nooks and crannies still unknown to me.

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Jeremy Werlin
Jeremy Werlin
5 years ago

Can you reveal the nature of your new business? (I may have missed something in a previous post.) Cheers.

Jeff Yegian
Jeff Yegian
5 years ago

Great to see how things are working out well for you Paul!