First day of Autumn: CDTC Trail work

Autumn is my favorite season to be outdoors.

I love the riot of colors, the musky smell of the leaves, and that delightful cool and crisp evening air that only comes this time of the year.

An #autumn🍁 #hike in the #colorado #rockies is bliss

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And what better way to celebrate this first day of Autumn than to do trail work on the CDT?

Giving back when Fall is in the high country, I can be outside, and enjoy working at my favorite time.

The CDTC organized a trail work project with a focus on erosion control at the popular Herman Gulch trail that is part of the CDT.

This high use area needs some TLC at times. Shoring up the trail, clearing up drainages, closing social trails, etc.

We dug, moved dirt, removed debris, and had fun in the process.

The office view did not disappoint, either.

We finished up the work just as the rains started moving in for the day.

Time to grab the tools, pack up, head down, and enjoy a well-deserved beer.

An excellent first day of Autumn.

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6 years ago

There is no amount of thanks that can be given to the folks maintaining these trails for future users. I hope to be a contributor as well as user someday.

6 years ago

Some will always work very hard so that other may enjoy. I hope to someday be a contributor as well as user. Great pics!!!

6 years ago

Nice! Thanks for contributing!


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