Fall in the Foothills

I have a love affair with fall hiking.

The summer crowds are gone from the deeper backcountry.

During the day the air is cool and crisp. And at night? Sleep is found in the pleasantly chilly embrace of the mountain air.

The landscape has one last riot of color before the gray days of November happen.

I truly think it is the best time to be outside.

It is a special time for me.

I did another after work hike to a favorite spot. A spot on the map with wonderful views, that is short but challenging. And delights me every time I go.

It was beautiful. At the higher foothills around Boulder, autumn is just starting.  The light of the setting sun made every color seem to jump out.


And at the summit, the setting sun and the layers of clouds made for a longer than anticipated stay at the summit. It was too nice to hurry back down the hillside.


Besides Longs Peak, can see Chiefs Head where I was on a hike this past Sunday.

The hike was down by the light of a sliver of the rising moon. Using a headlamp would have ruined the fall evening.

I have an obligation next weekend and I am on call the following week thereafter. Two precious fall weekends not being used for the outdoors. So it goes…

But with the occasional after work hike, I can still appreciate the majesty of fall.

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