Fall Foothills Stroll

You can’t always get out as much as you want. But sometimes even a couple of hours is good enough.

As mentioned previously, I work in IT for my day job.

While IT work is not my passion by any means, if I have the right job, I can enjoy it. It pays the bills and allows my someone and I to enjoy the parts of life that are our passion.

Occasionally, due to the nature of the work, I do have to work at nights or weekends.

I won’t bore anyone with the details, but I was on point for a migration project that took place late into Friday evening. I also had to check in a few times over the weekend with other people involved with the project to see if there were any issues.

My weekend was pretty shot. I had to be in easy reach of online access.

I didn’t mind too much as I have a more flexible job now vs the recent past and it was a project that was not a team “just showing the flag” to look good to higher management.

The project had a purpose. The project required some applied skill and knowledge. And, when completed, I had the satisfaction of a job well done.

But, I still needed some outdoor time. And I do mean, need.

If do not get even a small outdoor fix, I can get rather grumpy. Just ask someone. 🙂

So someone and I enjoyed a stroll in the Boulder foothills one gorgeous fall day.

Due to a wet spring and summer, the hills were blazing with color.

The mixture of willows and sumac gave the area something that reminded me more of my native New England more so than Colorado.

Even looking back east to the High Plains was wonderful fall view.

Since it was later in the afternoon, we had much of the area to ourselves.

The light of the latter part of the day was very conducive to seeing the striking colors of autumn.

The hike concluded with one last view to Boulder’s ranching past.

My original plans were canceled. But the alternative plan was not too bad.


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