Eldorado Mtn Bushwhack

Our annual late-Fall hike to Eldorado Mountain in the south part of the Boulder area.


Ever year for the past few seasons,  d-low has put together a walk up this mountain outside of Eldorado Canyon State Park.  This local mountain is trail-less and offers exquisite views of the Continental Divide and the local foothills of the open space system not normally seen by most people.

Throw in some off-trail travel, some minor navigational challenges along with the time of the year and something only a few miles from Boulder seems more like a wilderness experience than a typical walk in the open space.

Joining d-low and I was our good friend Disco and Hearsay (a thru-hiker  bud from Crested Butte).

The hike was another enjoyable with cool, crisp and sunny weather.

The trail started off at a mellow clip in Eldorado Canyon State Park up the Rattlesnake Gulch trail.  Not long after, we went off trail, through the talus and made our way up the mountain off trail.


A turkey leg is suitable for eating AND navigating through talus


Not far from the summit, the first of many views of the snowy Continental Divide was spotted.


I am d-low. D-low of the mountain. Much have I seen and much have I done. For I am d-low. D-low of the mountains.


At the summit area, a modest lunch was consumed while taking in the scene below us and in the distance.

Some lunches are more modest than others



We headed down the mountain, through talus and scree before heading back into the trees and following an old trail that lead back to the main one.

We shortly made it made back to the car and enjoyed a round of beer and food at the Southern Sun.

Photo courtesy of Disco

A great to end to another enjoyable late season hike!



RED TAPE:  There is an $8 entrance fee to Eldorado Canyon State Park.   Additionally, party of the hike is on  Boulder OSMP HCA land so a permit is needed.  The permit is free and easy to get online.

Because the hike is in an HCA zone, * dogs are not allowed *. 

THE ROUTE AND MAP:  The link has the climb up the northeast ridge. We did a loop using the other obvious ridge on the map to make our way down. The northwest ridge is an easier way down that offers a nice social trail that does through some pretty woods.

POST TRAIL NOSH:  Southern Sun of course. Great beers on tap and ginormous plates of nachos. A large order makes a great post-hike munch for two. SoSun is perhaps ten minutes from Eldo.  Rather convenient!

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Steven Magnanti
Steven Magnanti
12 years ago