Desert and Mountains

The La Sal Mountains are the local mountain range we quite literally see when we peek out our door. With a string of peaks over 12k feet enticing those of us 8k feet below on the High Desert floor.

The La Sals are a place to escape the heat of summer and exchange the pinyon and juniper of the desert for the aspen and Doug firs of the mountains

Our windy drive took us higher and higher until we reached a pass where we would stage for the evening and the following day’s hike.

We found a favorite place to camp and made a loop below the peaks. And planned out future trips for the summer.

There is no doubt spring is up high: Trees leafing out, snow rapidly melting, and wildflowers blooming.

And what can be better than the sound of rain on a tent to lull a person to sleep?

A planned swiftwater class canceled Sunday but the same overcast and breezy morning made an easy decision to enjoy the lower landscapes around Moab.

The sun came out in full force by the afternoon, but otherwise, a perfect morning to be in the desert.

We could see the La Sals on the horizon. And know what stark contrast we experienced just mere miles in any direction from our home.

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3 years ago

Great photos, Paul.
And that’s a hell of a pile of scree your sitting on!