December on the Plateau

As the week went on, we looked over the weather forecast. And it improved.

Potentially windy, rainy, and possibly snowy. To merely overcast by Saturday. Our backpacking trip would go as expected!

We went to a place we never tire of seeing as we always find the beauty and archeology intriguing. And we always find new canyons to hike with nooks and crannies we have not yet seen.

And this weekend proved no exception.

And though no trail goes in the canyon, I am again reminded to call this place “trailless” makes for a false description.

I am also reminded of how this time of the year is not for miles but for savoring the hours available, settling in for the long winter night, and enjoying reading, chocolate, and our customary nightcap of rum and cider.

Big Agnes currently has our Wonder Tent for repair. We used a circa 2014 AliExpress DayGlo orange winter tent that’s now our loaner. Not bad considering the price. And now costs less money eight years later.

And the winter light show never disappoints.

The following morning we poke around and see what we see.

We return and partially retrace our steps on the now bright and sunny day. And decided to go down another side canyon.

On this trip, we make more use of a suggestion and bring the surprisingly decent, lightweight, and inexpensive (5 oz, $20) binoculars to good effect on this tell. We see what we can see easier without having to bash through the brush as much.

What we saw in the side canyon tantalized us, and we need to see more in the future.

Ancient images are barely visible.

And a closer look made it seem we are not the first desert travelers to find this canyon interesting during this past week.

Another interesting, satisfying, and intriguing trip in our corner of the high desert.

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Greg Smith
1 year ago

I’ve been a follower for a while but have taken a new interest in your local jaunts since I am planning to move to Grand Junction next year. Thanks for your efforts.

eddy de wilde
eddy de wilde
1 year ago

Most feel good to only find animal tracks. Love your photos Paul.