Days of Powder!

I had intended to hike this past weekend, but the lure of freshly fallen snow called to a few of us.

What can be better than fresh powder, some good friends and the Colorado backcountry?

On Saturday, the usual gang (Terry, d-low, Wendy and myself) went to the Sourdough Trail for an inaugural ski day. A chance to get "the rust out" as Terry put it.

The day was a bit overcast, but still enjoyable. We went were going skiing after all!

Nothing too dramatic. Just a beautiful winter day.

Myself, d-low, Terry and Wendy at the Sourdough Trailhead.

The snow came down quite a bit by the time we arrived in Boulder. A good night to stay home and watch The Wire on DVD!

On Sunday, the usual gang (plus New Hampsha Dave…back for the season!) went on another ski day! This time to the Jenny Creek Trail. The sun broke out, the skies were an intense blue and made for an awesome four hour tour! It was quite cold, but some hot chocolate helped. 🙂

After all this skiing, some of us went to the Zapins for some latkes and celebrated Hanukkah. Fried potato pancakes and sour cream are about the best thing to have after a day of being in the cold!

As I type this entry, more snow is falling. It's gonna be another great weekend for skiing soon!

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