Colorado National Monument and medical science

When I moved to Moab nearly three years ago, I exchanged the Colorado Rockies for the high desert of the Colorado Plateau, chose a lower-income stream for lower stress, and left behind a community I built up over nearly twenty years. (Oh, and multiple good craft beer options)

I’ve accepted the lack of breweries, I’ve grown to love the delights of the high desert, and living with Joan here in Moab makes me immensely happy.

But I miss my friends.

Obviously, due to COVID and being responsible, Joan and I limited our travel. It’s the responsible thing for us to do and reflects our shared values.

But then medical science worked; Joan and I become vaccinated, and so did many of our friends. And when friends proposed meeting up at Colorado National Monument a mere two hours away, Joan and I gave a hearty “Yes!”

I’ve been there a fair amount of times over the past ten years, and I think it is an underrated place. It may not have the overwhelming “WOW!” factor of Canyonlands or Arches, but I believe its subtlety helps make the place so charming. The hikes end up as delightful, and the views of this similar but different part of the Colorado Plateau always intrigue.

The high desert wildflowers bloom –

And the family-friendly hikes we did may not be high on mileage, but never-the-less gave us some scenic highlights.

This weekend did not involve mileage, scrambling, or hidden canyons. It meant catching up with friends, enjoying our quiet campsite, quaffing a few locally purchased Colorado brews, and taking a more relaxed pace versus previous weekends.

And one of the boys finding this scorpion.

The canyons showed some hidden spots if you knew where to look –

And more local wildlife below the canyon walls.

Or even along.

Colorado National Monument not only served as a relaxing place to enjoy the outdoors. But also a much-needed place to catch up with friends.

Thanks, modern medicine. You did good.

Original source unknown.

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