Classic Boulder – Five ways to spend your day in city open space

Another Boulder Weekly article.  This time about five classic hikes in the Boulder Open Space.

As I said in the article "For many, the best part of living in Boulder is the Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) system, which features peaks over 8,000 feet, abounds with wildflowers in the spring, and has trails that range the spectrum from easy strolls to challenging jaunts that can take most of the day to complete. The Open Space system is a reason why many Boulderites still call the People’s Republic home."

A little more edited than previous articles (at leas the print version), I for one would never talk about the "lilting downward spiral of notes that make up the tiny canyon wren"  and I sure as heck would not advise "wearing sturdy boots".  (Boots are for trail work! Not hiking on trails! :D)

But, I did say the rather snarky comment of "Sanitas is on the site of an old sanitarium. Trail runners will often whiz by on the uphill, leading some to wonder if the sanitarium may still exist". 😉

Read the article here…


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