Brand Ambassador no more…



Over the past year or so, I’ve been a brand ambassador for a well-known smaller gear company.

I was “let go” recently with a form letter..along with some others.

I won’t name the gear company as it does not matter. Plus I honestly like the gear I use by them.

They make some good stuff.

I was more disappointed receiving a generic form letter with no real explanation, not so much in the being “let go” itself.  But, to paraphrase a favorite movie,  “It was just business. Nothing personal”. I understand… I’ve been in the working world long enough to know it happens. Gear companies, be they small, large or in-between are a business as well.  The program name also went from “Trail Ambassador” to “Brand Ambassador” which, in my opinion, shows the sharper focus of this program as well. And some people fit a business goal better than others. No more. No less.

Discussing specific gear, and public outreach using specific gear as examples,  is not really my strong suit in any case. And I truly never did get a handle on what I was supposed to do as a “brand ambassador”.  May explain the recent letter I received. 🙂

And though I had  24 overnight trips last year (or 60+ days..not bad for a weekend warrior), I do not hike for months at a time anymore. And probably won’t.   But, more than that, my focus has shifted more along the lines of   “how-to” education  and thoughts on the wilderness and issues pertaining to it. The outdoors, and the writing about it, is what I really enjoy. Not so much the tools I use in the outdoors. And when I do talk about  gear, it tends to be more of an overview.

Lesson learned.

Representing a gear company means certain behavior, promotions and a personality I am probably not suited for in many cases.  Just business, nothing personal.

In any case, looking over my gear reviews, if there is a “brand” of gear I advocate, always use and endorse, it tends to come in olive drab green or found at a hardware store/thrift store/hardware store. 😉

Guess I’ll have to be a “brand ambassador” for dirt bagging. And that is one I do rather well I think.

And, I’ll always be an outdoors and trails ambassador.

Happy Trails!


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Sam H.
8 years ago

You never really struck me as the product ambassador type anyway, Paul. I hope you’re able to keep up your work with Skurka though – that does in my opinion suit your dirt bag style quite well.

Nick Gatel
8 years ago


You are maturing. Your writings on wilderness, observations on all things outdoors, and balance of life are more important than ‘hawking’ gear for that company.

Gear is gear. Just tools. I hate the “ambassador” programs anyway. Glad to see you removed those shackles – however it was done.

Keep up the good writing.

Martin Rye
Martin Rye
8 years ago

I resigned way back and no comment or acknowledgement from the Brand back. They binned others I know. Move on and do your stuff and have more fun outdoors. As for the Brand. Wish them well and forget them. I think Sam H hit the nail on the head with his comment.

Philip Werner
8 years ago

Paul – you’ve got the right stuff, but they seem to have lost theirs. Good riddance. But a form letter? That has NO CLASS!