Boulder Grand Slam 2007

The Boulder Grand Slam

The Boulder Grand Slam is a route that takes in the ridge line of the Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks system.

On this hike, we start at the Sanitas trailhead and proceed to Sanitas, Anemone, Red Rocks, Flagstaff, Green, Bear and South Boulder peak. A total of ~18 miles and 8500′ elev gain.

Looking down the Valley Trail towards Bear and S. Boulder peaks. The end of the day’s journey.

The hike is a fantastic way to have an adventure within city limits.


We did the hike last year and had a wonderful time. This year we competed with a dumping of fresh powder in the high country! Half the people bailed to go snowboarding or skiing.

This time of the year always shows where a person’s true passion lie. If you are a die hard skiier/snowboarder (be it backcountry or (ack)! resort), you are looking for that last stash of powder. One more time to carve turns and glide along the snow.

If you are passionate about hiking or trail running, you are looking for the first trails to open up. You want to wear shorts, put on some trail shoes and explore the mountains with as little as possible.

Spring means renewal for me. The wildflowers are out. The sun is shining. The breeze carries the smells of life beginning a new. I no longer want to play in the snow.

We could not have asked for a better day. The weather perfect! Being a smaller group than last year, we did a quicker pace. No matter how many times I hike in the foothills, I never tire of them. I am grateful for where I live and the places I can see from my backyard.

After this jaunt, the group of us went to The Taj for a much appreciated AYCE Indian food buffet!

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