Benedict Hut – Another ski weekend

On a roll for the year, I am up to five overnight trips since the start of 2017.

Not bad for a working stiff.

The trip for this weekend was another hut weekend.

Some great views of the winter landscape, skiing, delicious food, good company, and a few adult libations always make a wonderful mix.

I was invited by my friend Matt on this trip. A fellow Rhode Islander, we met several years ago when he was planning to hike The Colorado Trail and noticed we grew up near each other. He even went to high school with some of my cousins.  He’s another friend I’ve been able to catch up with in recent months.

And how better to catch up than on a hut trip?

The day was cold, snowy and overcast.

Much different than the previous weekend.

We arrived at the huts. The fire was stoked, hot water heated, and people gratefully warmed up by the fire.

This scene reminded me of photos from Shackleton’s “Endurance” expedition.

The following morning was a classic Colorado winter day.

The ski out the next day was equally memorable with that intense blue found on a high-elevation winter day in Colorado.

But there is always time for a little fun. 🙂

A very enjoyable weekend. And a memorable way to catch up with another friend.

But I’m ready for a little less luxury.

Something simpler.

Where I can get back to the basics.

And I should get it when I backpack in the Grand Canyon this coming week.

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