Backcountry Relaxing

Not every trip has to be epic or exciting and drop dead beautiful.

After a week of being back East, I wanted some simple backcountry time.

Not too far a drive, not too crowded/light traffic to get there and easily accessible.

In the place where I live, the second criteria is getting to be difficult at times. Esp the traffic part.

I could not leave on Friday evening due to some volunteer obligations. And I learned this past summer not to go on the highways Saturday morning.

So I decided to go to a very quick get away spot I have used in the past. I would leave late afternoon.

Nothing special. Just two miles in. Maybe.


It was quiet.

There was no one around.

I had the woods to myself.

I relaxed.

Saw the first aspen leaves that had changed. Fall is soon on its way in the higher country.

Enjoyed the cool night air. Feel asleep to the sound of rain.


I woke up early and made it to my vehicle as the first of the many day hiking crowds arrived.

I drove back to Boulder.

A refreshing weekend.

And just what I needed.


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8 years ago

That’s so true. We did an overnight this weekend and hung out at the camp by a creek for most of the trip. Nice fire, hot chocolate with some Baileys Irish Cream, and a little wine we toted in. We only hiked about 7 miles total.