August Follies

Well, August was not quite my month for outdoor fun….

In the first weeks of summer, I think I did 4 backpacking trips, 2 multi-day camping trips, misc alpine climbs and even some backcountry skiing!

August? Well, the clutch went on my truck one Friday on the way to work (doh!). After 104k miles on the original clutch, I can’t complain too much. But one weekend shot…

The girlfriend suffered from allergies on weekend so we got all of 3 miles in one weekend …

But, I did get to attempt to climb Grand Teton up in Wyo.

I say attempt, because we had to turn around due to weather a mere ~400′ from the summit.

C’est la vie.

I can’t complain about the views, though:

September is looking to be back to my usual suckiness….  😉

Over Labor Day Weekend, had a 40 mile loop that involved disappearing trail, some map and compass ‘schwacking and back at my truck 7:30 Sunday night (I don’t suggest driving 2 hrs after 20 miles of backpacking…. ). In the mood to hike and I did.

The Ptarmigan Wilderness is small…but because it has no distinctive peaks (and poorly maintained trails), it is a little used area despite being so close to I70 (Hence why I did the 40 mile loop in two days. On Sunday evening I could start to see I70 again!)

The views weren’t bad either…

Time to get some more Fall backpacking in in the weeks ahead…

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