Another winter camp

Our version of a lazy weekend – With snow up higher, we decided to go on a truck camping trip.

We did our usual hiking, meandering, scrambling to different sites, and enjoying seeing the different eras of the history of this area, with some hot drinks, quiet, and immersing ourselves further into the Colorado Plateau.

Of particular interest ended up seeing a wash basin and an empty lard bucket at an overhang. Nearby, we found signs indicating some oil exploration that some internet sleuthing seemed to indicate ~ the early 1950s.

Resource extraction echoes dot the landscape now and in the past. A different type of artifact but one that tells an important story for this part of the world

Our meanderings did bring up other signs of people who came much earlier, of course.

.Much like the can from earlier times, I think we appreciated the signs of everyday life as much as the buildings, images, and potsherds.

Another typical weekend for us overall. If not epic, it’s certainly satisfying. And I don’t think we’d have it otherwise.

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