Another weekend in the La Sals

As I am typing this report, it is not quite 100F Fahrenheit.

A bit too hot to hike the desert floor safely.

But the La Sal Mountains lie less than an hour’s travel from where I’m sitting.

We can leave, find a campsite in the aspens, get set up, get dinner going, and sip a cold drink—all in one-hours travel.

The La Sal Mountains aren’t an extensive range. But they are close. We can get a mountain experience away from the desert heat, camp in beauty, and not spend hours (and increasingly more fuel money) traveling to a destination.

We are fortunate to have these mountains in our backyard.


I started a new job recently that’s complete WFH but, for now, on a more traditional M-F schedule. And Joan’s working on an NPS detail this summer and sometimes works Sundays. Using our time bank funds more efficiently means these mountains work particularly well.

So we go to the La Sals. And never fail to find places to see, savor, and enjoy.

And after the Pack Creek fire last summer, we can see the damage, what survived, and what’s recovering.

We have the hikes we enjoy, the camping spots we know, and we can see our desert home, almost literally, several thousand feet below.

The local mountains delight and never fail to beckon us to their alpine heights from our red rock home.

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Tom Clark
Tom Clark
1 year ago

Is this a typo?

“ So we go to the La Sals. And never seem to find places to see, savor, and enjoy.”