After Work Wednesdays

This past summer, it was a series of hikes after work. Why? Because the days are long, the weather is warm and life is to short to not explore! 🙂


Throughout the late spring and summer, my buddy Mark and I did a series of hikes after work. Places that are normally crowded on weekends, but during the week are quiet, serene and beautiful.  The solitude lets a person appreciate a place with the crowds nearby. Where contemplative moment can be had by the shore of a high alpine lake.  And the beer after said hike never hurts. 🙂

As the hiking season winds down, I am already starting to think of all the places that I've explored.  The backpacking trips were incredible.

But someimes the mid-week adventures were just as memorable. 

Here are some highlights….

At just under 13400', S. Arapaho Pk is a place in the Indians Peaks Wilderness with commanding views to the Continental Divide, Rocky Mountain National Park and to Monarch Lake.

The views at sunset were astounding.  I only had my camera phone that night…but the photo did not come out half bad.


Another week, we did Chasm Lake with its famous views of the Longs Peak Diamond.

The light on the way up was incredible.

Even more incredible? NO ONE WAS THERE!

But it was not just about exploring well known places to avoid crowds.

A chance was had to see areas where I had never been. My favorite? Lookout Mountain.   Unique views into Wild Basin and across to the divide and one of the coolest summits ever.

Based on the trail conditions, I don't think this summit gets much use at all.  Awesome hike!


A recurring theme of these hikes was seeing beautiful places at off-peak times…


Mt. Audubon looking more like Glacier NP in this photo

But also enjoying some post-hike beer and food!


Finally, the hikes were a good way to introduce cool places to out-of-towners.

Judy's very fit brother John enjoyed his hike to the Continental Divide at Pawnee Pass

…and Mark,  John, Mike, Sue and I enjoyed the post-hike grub courtesy of Judy, Stephanie and the children. All grilled and waiting for us.

What a great summer!  I loved this past Fall. I am looking forward to ski season.

But these mid-week hikes were an awesome way to break up the week, have a little stress relief and see some great places.

Until next year!

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