A wild goose chase

Joan and I always have some local “TO DO” trips on the back burner when having obligations, lousy weather, or for other reasons.

With iffy weather moving in this past weekend, we went to the well for such a trip—one mere minutes from our home.

We started on a trail and fairly soon went cross country to see familiar sites from a different angle and places new to us.

You can almost see our home from here.

As usual,  we found signs that others had walked up here previously.

The many lithics and chert indicated a lot of activity here in the past.

And one astounding panel with many intricate images.

The potential rain came and went, with the sun occasionally peeking out and giving some interesting photos with the clouds and light.

And though the human travel paths always intrigue me, other local inhabitants also routinely walk this land.

Our travels that day brought us to other seemingly obvious waypoints and landmarks.

And the faded images on the boulders seemed to prove this theory.

Before rejoining the trail, we had one last unique look at the familiar differently.

We returned to our awaiting vehicle, headed home, and enjoyed the warm and dry house to welcome in the new year.

Not a bad way to end 2022.

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1 year ago

Any chance you can give some specifics as to where you were hiking? From one picture, it looks like you were at Arches…. Thanks!

1 year ago
Reply to  Paul Mags

Great—thanks! I have never hiked all of Courthouse Wash. Is it best to start at the top or the bottom? And I’ve never seen Moab Man. Will add it to my list! Pam