A swell time with friends

Joan and I’ve been very fortunate in our lives. Fortunately, we have jobs that allow time off, and we live in a place blessed with ample outdoor opportunities and the people in our lives.

Among these friends are Holly and Dan. Originally a colleague of Joan’s, Holly quickly became a good friend of Joan’s. And myself. We’ve gotten to know her partner, Dan, over the past few years and spent much time camping, backpacking, and enjoying our mutual love and appreciation of the cultures that lived here long before we walked here.

Though they live in Salt Lake now, we still see them and often meet at places between Moab and SLC.

And a recent weekend spent together made for another memorable time with these people we consider good friends.

Joan and I started our weekend earlier and visited a well-known panel above the river and long-time travel path over the generations.


The “Old Spanish Trail” from the 1840s also went through here. The OST Assoc. puts up these silhouettes along the historical path.

After this enjoyable stop, we traveled down some rutted roads and found a quiet campsite enclosed by a natural rock amphitheater that blocked the wind and helped keep in the heat. Always welcome during the November weather on the Colorado Plateau!

The stark beauty and evening light show made the place an agreeable home for the weekend.

And, based on the images near our camp, we were not the only ones to appreciate this place over the years.

The following day, we met up with Holly and Dan. We caught up, told stories of the past few months, and were reminded why we consider them good friends.

We spent a pleasant morning eating pancakes, drinking coffee, and catching up.

After this pleasant interlude, they showed Joan and me some favorite spots of theirs not far from the river basin –

In particular, we enjoyed some striking and colorful panels high above the river bluffs. An effective zoom lens lets us take in the intricacy of these images.

Alas, the day wound down, and it was time to leave.

We left with little light and would come home in the dark, but spending time in such a memorable place with our friends was worth the drive.

As my Mom says – “It’s not goodbye, it’s until next time.”

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