A locals’ walk

Why Joan and I get out as often as we can not every weekend allows us to take off. We, too, sometimes have reasons that keep us in town.

But we are fortunate that despite all the Moab craziness, there are local favorites that do not make AllTrails readily or the latest influencer’s favorite place to sell you stuff.

One particular place is an easy walking distance from our house and up to a mesa top along some jeep track. And from there, we can hike, view the canyons, the La Sal Mountains, and play among the red rocks. And have a full day of hiking without touching a car once.

By Moab standards, our backyard walk makes a pleasant hike.

But then I think, “Anywhere else, and it would make a marquee destination!

The edge of this mesa top makes a place for sunset photos. One of which hangs on the wall of our house.

And on a raw winter day, it’s the perfect hike when we don’t want to drive.

And get about as local as you can get.

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G Hamblin
G Hamblin
3 years ago

“Anywhere else”? The amount of backslapping you do must hurt your neck. When did you move to Moab?

Thomas Jamrog
3 years ago

Choosing a life smack dab in wilds is a huge investment that is paying off big time right now. Good for you. Great local angles for exploration abound in Alistair Humphrey’s Microadventures book.

Uncle Tom
3 years ago
Reply to  Paul Mags

Excellent. I have not been able to walk much the past few months due to a serious lower back situation that we are still trying to figure out. I’ve been free of back issues until I hit 70!