A local New Years

Over the New Years’ weekend, we enjoyed our gift of time by keeping it local.

What’s normally full of mountain bikes or jeeps in fall and spring makes for some blissfully quiet hiking. And something perhaps even more stunning with the red rock, blue skies, and snow.

And all within twenty minutes of our home.

It is the time of the year when I feel we explore the immediate area of our home most. And get to know the nooks and crannies of the public land we normally don’t see.

The technical jeeps trails just south of hour home, in particular, are stunning.

And would be considered a national park, or at least a monument, worthy in many other areas.

But in winter, it is a place that no one visits. And we have all to ourselves.

A thermos full of hot drinks, some cold-weather gear, and judicious use of traction devices opens up the area to us.  And though we never stray far from a paved road overall, we seem remote and never encounter anyone else.

Moab in winter makes for a special time. And it is increasingly becoming my favorite time of the year to explore the very local places.


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