A jaunt on an old favorite

As much as I’d like to dedicate my entire time bank to outdoor outings, there are things to do at times that need to be caught up on.

A planned weekend camping trip did not materialize for various reasons.

And I had some items I needed to check off my list.

But I still wanted to get a hike in without having to go far.

So I went local.

Very local.

I did a 8 mile or so loop hike to Bear Peak. 

A peak I can see right from where I am typing at this moment.

Sunset view from our small deck one fine fall evening.

I do not take advantage of the Open Space system as much as I have in the past.

Which is a shame.

Once I get past the initial trailhead area, the hikes are always rewarding.

I can get in a good and solid loop with much elevation gain mere minutes from where I sit and pack it in all within a few hours.

I was not disappointed on my hike.

There were still foothills wildflowers to see.

And rock formations in the canyon to impress.

And I could see how much nature is recovering while enjoying the views to the Continental Divide.

And there are always great spots to pause on the way down, too.

It was perhaps a trifle hot to be in the foothills.

But the craft breweries are that much closer for the post-hike beer. 🙂

Perfect to enjoy while looking up at what I had just hiked.

Keeping it local is sometimes good.

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