A cold weather camp

We spent this weekend hiking and camping, revisiting a favorite place.  The unseasonable windy and cold conditions made a good weekend for some camping vs. backpacking.

But even the old favorites reveal something new.

Flute player?

As my knowledge of the area increases, I can recognize different masonry styles and date their construction roughly. And know that these magnificent-looking cliff structures started getting constructed when things went south, which means drought, more scarce resources, and evidence of conflict.

People felt the need to fortify themselves and live closer together as the climate changed, crops failed, and conflict upset previously stable living patterns. A tale not unknown in our times

The now quiet canyon may not have seemed as tranquil ~700 yrs ago.

Generations later, their structures stand sentinel to the people who once lived here.

And though we visited one place in particular over the years, it never fails to give a sense of awe.  More so in the last days of winter when we have the area to ourselves.

On a quiet and cold February day, we can only ponder what happened in previous years. And look at what the people before us left behind.


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