Cedar Mesa Redux

Back in January, my trip on the then Bears Ears National Monument ranked as one of my favorite trips of all time.

The solitude, the sublime canyons, and the ancient dwellings all made an impression on me.

I’ve returned since. And plan on going more in the future.

And with my new home, I can get away for a quick overnighter.

And that was the case last week. Joan and I went with two of her colleagues and enjoyed canyons, Pueblos, rock art, and amazing dispersed camping.

And though rains came the first day, we still enjoyed the first canyon.

An uncommon “pictoglyph.”

We exited the canyon and soon found a dispersed campsite.

I don’t think it is any coincidence that I did not grow to appreciate car camping until I came out to the Colorado Plateau. Dispersed areas with isolation, wildness, and beauty that rivals anything I’ve seen while backpacking. A different experience, but no less memorable.

Our site overlooked a setting sun with Monument Valley in the distance.

And the following morning brought equally memorable experiences.

Later that morning we all went into another canyon. Though not as quiet as back in January, the natural splendor never fails to inspire a feeling of awe.

Or being inspired by stories from the Ancient Ones.

After our walk to the sites, we made our way back up the canyon.

As long as I live in the Moab area, I don’t think I’ll take for granted the red rock plateau, and the mysterious within, waiting to be discovered, savored and explored.

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    1. Unlike when I came through southern Utah last year at this time, there has been a LOT of rain this past Fall. Good thing. This past year is a record drought year. We need the rain.

  1. As always, great photos. Photo 7, what are those in the image. They appear to be three dimensional ‘horseshoes’. Please clarify, Thanks.

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